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Our Story

After a rewarding career as a Director of Software Engineering, Gennaro is stepping out from behind the computer to bring his love of tabletop gaming to the Red Bank and Monmouth County community. From playing Scopa with his Italian family around the dinner table to countless Board Game Arena sessions with friends throughout the pandemic, he loves trying and testing new games.
As a graphic designer, Jes appreciates the beauty of a well-illustrated game. She may seem mild-mannered, but watch out for her ruthless yet charming negotiation skills. Her love of games comes from childhood card battles of Casino and Gin Rummy with her grandparents.
Patty Bea
This tiny gamer loves imaginative play. Her adherence to the rules is fuzzy at best, but competition is in her blood! You’ll often find her hanging around the shop, eager to show off the Game Library behind our colorful beaded curtain.
Collin is a marketing, fiction, and RPG writer. Raised on Dungeons & Dragons, their love of tabletop gaming has expanded to include card games, board games, and a wide variety of RPG systems. It’s not just about winning – Collin loves games for the art, the story, and the connection they bring.