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What's going down at Shore Gamers?

Friday Night Magic

Magic: The Gathering
Friday, March 1st @ 7pm! FREE EVENT - Open to players of all levels, Friday Night Magic is a chance to catch up with your friends, make new ones and of course, play some Magic! Be on the lookout for Drafts, Tournaments and more Magic fun in the coming weeks!

Saturday RPGs

D&D 101: If you’re looking to venture into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, start here to learn more about what makes it so appealing to diverse groups of imaginative people. NEXT CLASS: Friday, March 15 at 6:30pm > $30 for 2-3 hour class, followed by open-play. > Each student will receive a set of 7 polyhedral dice included ($10 value) > We will cover the basics of D&D from character creation through action economy and playing in your first quest! Players 12+ are welcome.

More to Come!

We've got soooooo many plans in the works for upcoming events! From Strategy game nights to Chess clubs, Trivia nights to RPG one-shots, and Pokemon to Taco Tuesdays, we're only just getting started. If you have any suggestions for other events, please reach out to Thanks a ton and Game On!